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Who is a generally sworn and court certified expert?

Generally sworn and court certified experts were accepted by regional courts after a certification procedure. The federal act "Bundesgesetz über die allgemein beeideten und gerichtlich zertifizierten Sachverständigen und Dolmetscher, BGBl. 1975/137 in der Fassung des BGBl. 1994/623 und des BGBl. I 1998/168, short version SDG" is valid to them.

A generally sworn and court certified expert is a person who is able to obtain and to detect dispute relevant information and/or to draw the consequences due to its general knowledge and experience in courts and at public authorities. So on the one hand the expert supports the judging institution and on the other hand provides proofs to set up facts. The generally sworn and court certified expert is an independant person that is obligated to objectivity in court or at public authorities.

Additionally, the generally sworn and court certified expert is a person who is able to find dispute relvant information, to draw the consequences and to communicate broad knowledge due to their experience by the order of courts or public authorities.

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