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IT Authorized Civilian Technician - Expert Knowledge and Public Certification

Authorized civilian technicians are able to take the planning, the auditing and the supervision of IT-projects. Furthermore, they are also responsible for consulting, coordinating and acting in a fiduciary way. The importance of authorized civilian technicians as experts with public "trust and believe" rose in the past. They create public certificates for documenting certain issues in a special way.

Neutral to product and company

IT-projects require often technical experts which must act in a neutral way to the product respectively the company. A main part of such projects consists of the conception and the planning. The coordination is necessary at integration projects. The essential parts of these tasks must be realized within early planning phases where the product range is not available respectively specified yet, e.g. the conception of a system or the creation of charge- and mandatory booklets.

Main Base for Avoiding Disputes

At selection- or formal procurement processes according to the legal rules the assessment of offers and procedures by neutral experts is an essential point to avoid contestations. A neutral documentation of incidents during the project supervision and the approval of IT-services, especially when detecting deficits, in a public certified form is advisable. The audit and the attestation by an authorized civilian technician is the main base for avoiding disputes early and also a safe way for dispute settlement between principals and agents.

The Authority

The authority for the authorized civilian technician is confered for the passed academic studies. Services that are brought within this authority are i.a.:

  • Audits and measurements
  • Opinions
  • Handling of overall planning
  • Creating practicability analysis, requests for proposals and specifications
  • Quality assurance for complex IT-projects
  • Complex tasks about legal, security, integration and economic matters

Authorized civilian technicians are bound to secrecy by the law for information that was given to them in trust or revealed matters from the client. Additionally, they are public certified persons according to § 292 ZPO and so they are entitled to draw up public certificates. These public certificates are considered by administsrative authorities in the same way as they would be drawn up by public authorities.

Representative and Fiduciary

Authorized civilian technicians are entitled for representing their clients professionally towards public authorities and corporations of public law. Furthermore, they are also able to receive fiduciary documents respectively softwaredeposit in the field of IT.

A broad field

The Austrian authorized civilian technicians work within different fields, depending on the orientation of the content of their academic studies. They are legitimated to realize the planning of IT-systems, to prepare and implement IT-procurements, to audit approvals and deficit detections, to act as consultant for IT-disputes and to write opinions. Another focus is the safety of IT-systems and audits and certifications in this sector.