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Qualifizierte Stelle


A qualified body is an institution with a subsidiary in Austria where the federal minister of interior determined that it is authorized to audit safety measures from providers of essential services.

According to decree from 09/18/2020 ZT Zeiler, Ziviltechniker Gesellschaft m.b.H. is authorized an qualified company.

The qualified body ZT Zeiler, Ziviltechniker Gesellschaft m.b.H. offers i.a. the following auditors:

  • Günter Zeiler
  • Georg Reinisch
  • Markus Schiemer

According to § 17 (3) NISG providers of essential services need to attest every three years, that they set up safety measures for network and information systems concerning the essential services.

This attest can be accomplished by an audit from a qualified body. The qualified body is obligated to utilize only authorized and safety prooved auditors.